Ready-made Fondue mix vs DIY starting from scratch

Are ready made Fondue mixes any good?

If you would like to go down the DIY Fondue route, well your shopping list might be quite long. First of all what kind of cheese is suitable for a good Fondue. British cheese? French cheese? Or the real stuff, Swiss cheese? And what is an ideal mix with other cheeses? What about white wine, which goes well with Fondue? Any Kirsch needed? What about herbs? And so it goes on…

There is a simpler and less complicated way!

Example: Fantastic ready made authentic Swiss Fondue mix.

Today’s ready-made fondues have reached a very high level of quality and taste and can compete with any fondue made by a connoisseur! Our authentic Swiss fondue mixes differ in their fine taste and represent their alpine origin perfectly!

Warning: We tried and tested many readymade Swiss Fondues you can buy in Supermarkets and smaller shops. We were very disappointed and finally decided to directly import real Swiss Fondue from suppliers we know.