Swiss Spielhofer Fondue à la Téte de Moine – Serves 2-3 people


Swiss taste from the Jura mountains!

Fromages Spielhofer is a cheese dairy, which produces according to old handicraft tradition but with the most modern means. They only process milk from the Jura region and are in close contact with the farmers.

There are four different types of cheese involved in this fondue mix, one of which is Tête de Moine. The rest is a closely guarded family secret.

The freshly prepared homemade Spielhofer Fondue fondue mix is made with the unique Tête de Moine and three other flavorful cheeses.

Of course, Fromages Spielhoferonly uses only their own cheese. And the white wine used also comes from the region – as is well known, beyond the Chasseral are the wine-growing regions of Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Biel and Lake Murten.

Note: Available from October 2022

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