Start the Fondue bonanza: Swiss Fondue Starter Kit for two people


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Light the candles, set the scene and enjoy a romantic Swiss Fondue for two!
Our Swiss Fondue starter kit for 2 people contains all you need for a great Swiss Fondue dinner.  Our starter kit includes:

  • The Caquelon (the Fondue pot) for two
  • Attractive alpine style stand, including stainless steel burner and Brennpaste (Gel)
  • Special Fondue forks
  • 500gr of our House Fondue cheese mix
  • Swiss Fondue herb mix
  • Full set of information and instruction leaflets (“How to…”)
  • An extra bonus – 15% off your next Fondue Cheese order!

With this starter kit you can’t fail:
Pour the Fondue mix into the Caquelon and heat it up very slowly until fully melted and slightly bubbling! Add Swiss Fondue herb mix to taste. Light the Brennpaste (Gel) and place the Caquelon on top of the stove. Simply Relax and Enjoy!

Please note: All our ingredients are sourced independently by us in Switzerland.



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