Let's have a party!

Special occasions deserve something exceptional!

Celebrate in style and enjoy an authentic Swiss Fondue in your garden while gathered around our unique Fondue Barrel !  Up to 12 people can share this experience with you – it’s a really relaxing way to spend time with friends and family, dipping bite size chunks of bread into the deliciously cheesy Swiss Fondue bubbling gently on top of the barrel.

The Swiss Fondue Barrel Party !

The complete Swiss Fondue barrel party experience, contains the following items:

  • Original wine barrel
  • Sturdy steel top with recesses for wine glasses and Fondue forks
  • Fondue caquelon (pot) and gasburner to keep your Fondue warm and bubbling
  • Wine glasses and Swiss Fondue style forks according to the number of guests
  • Swiss style bread baskets and ice cooler to keep your white wine fresh and cool
  • Swiss style napkins
  • Authentic Swiss Fondue mix and ready prepared chunks of bread according to guest numbers
  • Additional extras which are popular with Fondue, e.g. potatoes, meat, vegetables, fruit, etc. on request
  • Transport and cost see below

Your order

We would appreciate a one week lead time if at all possible, so please place your order as early as possible!

The rental charge & transport( to and from your venue) for the Swiss Fondue party barrel within South Warwickshire & North Cotswolds: £135
(Note: Longer distances: Contact us for a quote)

Swiss Cheese Fondue mix including bread, according to the number of people:

   4 people  £64 (£16 per person)

  5-12 people: £15 per person

How to order?

Call us on  07592 728 299 or email hello@thefonduebox.com