Are there any Covid risks involved in eating Fondue?

Here is an interesting article recently published in a Swiss newspaper by Doctor Claudia Twerenbold.

A Fondue mix contains alcohol! A hand sanitizer gel normally contains about 80% alcohol, which kills the virus.  A Fondue cheese mix contains a lot less alcohol, which is not enough to kill the virus. However, the good news is that the virus is killed at a heat of about 52 degrees Celsius! A Fondue cheese mix, when heated up, rises to a temperature of up to about 80 degrees Celsius. Hence, there is no risk to eating a Fondue because of fears about Covid!

 But of course, distancing rules have to be applied at all times.

What about forks?
If you are concerned, we recommend the following: Dip the Fondue fork holding the piece of bread into the melted cheese, bring it back to your plate and grab the piece of bread with the melted cheese with another fork. Sorted!